Monday, 27 January 2014

track choice and analysis

Kendrick Lamar 
Swimming Pools (Drank) 

The track we have chosen is swimming pools by kendrick lamar. 
we have chosen this track because for a start its called swimming pools so we have an original idea of where to film our video. The lyrics are easy to understand and mimic and therefore will make our video more accurate and a better representation of the song. We all like this track and I believe that this will help us when filming because we will be more enthusiastic and have a greater understanding of what happens in the song. This song was the clear choice for us as it is the genre of music we listen to, which means we can get really enthusiastic about the song and the filming. 

The song is about people's relationship with drink and alcohol, so the video is quiet a dark video due to the fact that the song is about something negative. Our idea and concept was to make the video more fun and less depressing, so instead of focusing on the drinking on alcohol, we focused on the whole swimming pool idea. 

The camera and visuals don't really match with the audio but thats why it works so well. The tempo of the song starts off fairly quick with slow the visual shots being very slow and statics with lots of cuts to different locations. The sets for this video are normally dark to represent that alcohol is a bad thing, but Kendrick is dressed in all white to standout.

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