Thursday, 12 February 2015

Analysis of channel logos

E4 have a target audience aged 16-34, having such a young target audience means that they need to appeal to them in an exciting and bold way. The E4 logo is a combination of the letter E in a san-serif font inside of the number four. the number four is the main design on the logo as it acts at the structure of the logo, the design follows a bubble look which suits its young target audience well as young people tend to be very bubbly and exciting. E4's logo has only one main colour which is purple, E4 is recognised and associated with this colour as it is a part of its identity. Purple is a very loud and prominent colour which again suits its young target audience as it need to stand out and catch their eye. 

Channel 4 have a slightly similar target audience to E4, Channel 4's target group is aged 18-30 and they tend to be a bit more mature compared to E4's target audience. Channel 4's logo consists of the main colours black and white, these choice of colours help make the logo stand out due to the use of simple colours. Channel 4 have gone for a very bold look that stands out from the crowd, this appeals to their target audience very well as i previously mentioned they tend to be more mature and bold. 

CBBC have a completely different target audience to both E4 and Channel 4, CBBC have a target audience aged 6-12 years old. With this in mind, CBBC had to make sure that not only would there logo have to appeal to that specific age group, but it had to have the conventions of a logo that would be aimed at a 6-12 year old. CBBC's logo consists of the main colour green, green is a very bright and fun colour which suits its age group perfectly as most 6-12 year olds tend to be full of fun and have a very bright and energetic personality. CBBC chose a san-serif font, however each letter is a different style and size which gives off the feeling excitement and spontaneity which many children aged 6-12 have. 

Sky have a huge target audience, due to the fact they broadcast a range of different channels they have to meet a diversity of peoples needs. The Sky logo consists of a spectrum of colours which connotes its equality as so does the range of channels they broadcast. The font used in the logo is a very simple san-serif font which again is a very equal and basic style which appeals to all. 

Cbeebies again have a very niche target audience, due to the fact that they broadcast to an extremely young audience, they need to make sure that their logo not only appeals to the young ones but also relates to them. The Cbeebies logo consist of the two colours bright yellow and bight purple, just from the description you can tell that it is a very colourful logo which is important as it needs to attract the eye of a young child and appeal to them to the point where they become familiar to it. The font is a designed in a "Bubble Writing" style which gives the impression that a young toddler drew and designed the logo its self. This gives the logo a very unique touch and again relates to its young target audience. 

In conclusion from analysing these channel logos, it has given me a better understanding on how to create my logo in order to appeal to my target audience. I have learnt that different colour schemes and font styles are used in order to appeal to a different style of audience depending on its target group, for example bright and vibrant colours are used to appeal to a younger target audience. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

proposal for documentary

Proposal for Documentary
Our idea is to show four teenage bodybuilders working out and telling the audience how they got started with bodybuilding, if they think that body image is a problem in todays society for both males and females, how they juggle their social life, school life, and bodybuilding life and finally if they think that bodybuilding is a healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of our documentary is to show our audience that bodybuilding is a healthy way of living and that it doesn't have to be a single minded lifestyle, that you can in fact live a normal lifestyle as well. its also to show 4 different views on bodybuilding and how these 4 individuals balance their school life, bodybuilding along with their nutrition plan and seeing family and friends.

Key Content

  • Our documentary is 4-5 minutes long 
  • Contains 4 sections
  • section one is of Alex's interview and workout
  • section  two is of Salih's interview and workout 
  • Section three is of Harry's interview and workout 
  • Section four is of Olly's interview and workout 


the background for this documentary was looking into the lifestyle of a famous bodybuilder and seeing how he lived his life and how he became successful in the industry, how he balanced his business life along with his bodybuilding, nutrition plan and seeing his friends and family. then from this information we applied the same principles into our documentary. 


for this documentary we have invested 3 months of our time filming and developing it. by firstly deciding who was going to be filmed, obviously they had to take part in bodybuilding to fit the ethos of our documentary. we then filmed for a few weeks getting all the shots that we needed, these included the interviews along with the working out shots. after retrieving all the footage for the documentary we then took all the footage and had put it altogether editing the crucial parts.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

documentary pitch

The reason we decided to have Alex and Salih as the interviewees for our documentary were that firstly, they both took part in bodybuilding and therefore had the physiques to show off so that we could use these in our documentary. Secondly, because they took part in bodybuilding they have a good knowledge and understanding of training, diets and the overall effort and dedication it takes to be a successful body builder. finally, we chose alex and Salih to be our interviewees because we felt they had good personalities that they could show off on screen which would then make our documentary more fun to watch.