Monday, 9 February 2015

proposal for documentary

Proposal for Documentary
Our idea is to show four teenage bodybuilders working out and telling the audience how they got started with bodybuilding, if they think that body image is a problem in todays society for both males and females, how they juggle their social life, school life, and bodybuilding life and finally if they think that bodybuilding is a healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of our documentary is to show our audience that bodybuilding is a healthy way of living and that it doesn't have to be a single minded lifestyle, that you can in fact live a normal lifestyle as well. its also to show 4 different views on bodybuilding and how these 4 individuals balance their school life, bodybuilding along with their nutrition plan and seeing family and friends.

Key Content

  • Our documentary is 4-5 minutes long 
  • Contains 4 sections
  • section one is of Alex's interview and workout
  • section  two is of Salih's interview and workout 
  • Section three is of Harry's interview and workout 
  • Section four is of Olly's interview and workout 


the background for this documentary was looking into the lifestyle of a famous bodybuilder and seeing how he lived his life and how he became successful in the industry, how he balanced his business life along with his bodybuilding, nutrition plan and seeing his friends and family. then from this information we applied the same principles into our documentary. 


for this documentary we have invested 3 months of our time filming and developing it. by firstly deciding who was going to be filmed, obviously they had to take part in bodybuilding to fit the ethos of our documentary. we then filmed for a few weeks getting all the shots that we needed, these included the interviews along with the working out shots. after retrieving all the footage for the documentary we then took all the footage and had put it altogether editing the crucial parts.

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