Wednesday, 26 February 2014

34.draft ident

WWW: our general idea of how we will use twitter to decide the outcome of our ident and the fact that we are communicating with the public. Also, that we used our ident character and personified him.

EBI: we need to speed up our ident, add a background to make it more life like and believable and also have our ident character to be more involved in the ident and then for him to turn into the E4 logo. We also need to design an E4 logo.

Friday, 14 February 2014

music video styles

Animation: is the movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames. cartoons is one example of animation. The music video 'Do ya thing' by Gorillaz uses animation throughout their video.

Interpretive music videos are where the lyrics for the song tells you exactly what is going on in the music video, For example the Lonely Island I'm on a boat . this video is all about them being 'On a Boat' and the whole lyrics describe whatis going on in each shot of the video.

A narrative in a music video is where the video has a storyline and has a story behind it, for my example I'm using love the way you lie by Eminem and Rihanna . in this music video it shows the breakdown of a relationship and also shows some aspects of domestic violence throughout.

A impressionist is where they take inspiration from lots of different sources in the media, or just an idea that they have on something. For example in the music video by The beastie boys- Sabotage they use the inspiration of 70's style cops 

A pastiche is where the music video is dependant on a different media product. They create a parody of the media product and without the offical media product then the music video would have nothing to compare to. For example in the music video walk by the foo fighters, this music video is where they depend entially on the film Falling down.

The video midnight beast- tik tok is a parody becuase it takes an orginal song and then changes the lyrics to make them funnier and also changes the video to make it funnier to the audience. 

Homage is Acknowledgement from something from the past. An example for this is Daft punk- digital love This is a homage for japanses anime, it uses the inspiration from japanese anime and makes it their own. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

8.slum dog millionaire

1. Explain where the storyline for the film came from. Give examples. 
The story begins with Vikram Swarup, an Indian diplomat in London and author of source novel, Q & A. He appears to have a drawn on two specific news stories- one in the UK and one in India. A retired army officer in the Uk was convicted of fraud after cheating on the quiz show who wants to be a millionaire

2. List the ways in which Simon Beaufoy changed the story. Explain why this was done. 

Simon Beaufoy decided to travel to India in an attempt to retain the Indianness of the novel, but as an experienced screenwriter with a major worldwide hit to his credit he knew that the story line would have to be modified considerably to sell to mainstream audiences in the UK.  

3. How did Tessa Ross and Christian Colson arrange funding? Why is this significant?
They were associated with Celador Films. This is significant because Celador owned the rights to who wants to be a millionaire. Celador also said that this is significant because Britain needs these break out films to show the international film industry that there is a huge appetite and audience for independent British film.

4. Explain the term Bollywood.  

Bollywood is a relatively recent term. It refers to certain forms of popular cinema made in Hindi. The capital of Bollywood is mumbai where around 200 films with big budgets are made each year. 

5. What was the impact of Warner Bros. closing it’s ‘specialist’ film labels on the distribution of Slum dog Millionaire? How was this resolved?

It was a big impact because that meant that Warner Brothers couldn't put it into its own cinemas, therefore the film would have to be released on to DVDs. This was resolved by Danny Boyle and Colson rushing to Hollywood and persuading Warner Brothers to sell the rights to another specialist division 

6. Slum dog Millionaire is not a Hollywood film. Explain how it has been caught between Hollywood and Bollywood.

It has been caught between Hollywood and Bollywood due to the film being filmed and set in India, telling a story of a boy from the slums who goes on the Indian version of who wants to be a millionaire and wins. 

7. In your opinion, what made Slum dog Millionaire a successful film? Discuss pre-production, production, distribution and exhibition.
In my opinion, I believe that the production of this film was very successful because it was filmed in the slums in India. Therefore, you get a real sense of culture and what its like living in the slums. The film shows the slums as being a happy place, Danny Boyle said "the slums are as safe as walking the streets of london". I also believe that because it was filmed in India and through Bollywood, when the film went into cinemas, more people went to see the film because there are more people living in India. 


Thursday, 6 February 2014

5.differences between sky1 and bbc and itv

How is Sky Funded? 

Sky is funded by their customers that subscribe to the Sky TV packages. The Sky TV packages consist of a range of different offers, for example you can purchase a Sky Sports package which allows the customer to access 7 different channels showing different live sport from around the world. This comes to a price of £24.50 per month with any Sky TV bundle. 

Sky subscribers also get the chance to create an account once they have signed up to the Sky subscription plans. This new account will allow them to use it to sign into Sky apps or other online services via the internet which allows the customer to access extra features or their ordinary Sky channels no the go. 

BSkyB (British Sky Broadcasting) is a british telecommunication company who televise and broadcast internet services to consumers and businesses within the UK. BskyB was originally formed in November 1990 by the merging of Sky television and British Satellite Broadcasting, following on from this BSkyB became the UK's largest digital subscription television company. BSkyB is a subsidiary company to Sky plc (plc standing for Public Limited Company), being a subsidiary means that Sky plc is its parent owner. However, the UK operations still remain under the company name of BSkyB but use the trade name of Sky. 

Sky sells advertising slots to a range of different companies whom would like to advertise their product/business to all the people watching that channel. Companies can buy advertising slots on all the channels sky provide. The companies buy time slots which varies in price depending on when they would like to show their advertisement. For example showing an advert during the ad break on the FA Cup will be a lot more expensive compared to buying a time slot which would be shown at 10am-11am. This is due to the fact that more people will see the advertisement during the FA Cup compared to the 10am-11am slot. 

How is Sky 1 different to BBC 1 & ITV? 
Sky 1 is renowned for its huge range of different channels and programming that they have to offer for their customers. Compared to BBC 1 and ITV there is a huge difference in quantity and quality of programming. Sky has a massive range of channel genres for example they have history channels, sport channels, entertainment channels, drama channels, music channels, kids channels and even channels that cater purely for adults. When looking at organisations such as BBC and ITV, they both have the same intuition to try and cater for everyone buy showing programs that suit all different types of audiences and people, the BBC and ITV do that very well however Sky is at an huge advantage just due to the fact by the sheer amount of channels they have compared to BBC and ITV. Another bonus Sky has is that they also broadcast and provide their customers with both BBC and ITV channels and services. However, for every advantage there tends to be a disadvantage and for Sky its the fact that their customers have to subscribe and pay for Sky's services where as BBC and ITV services are all included in Free-view which has no subscription therefore meaning that its all essentially free (I say essentially as you need to pay for a free view box or to have it installed into your TV in order to gain these services). In conclusion Sky is at a huge advantage due to the fact that they have a lot more to offer channel wise and meet all their audiences needs however it all comes at a cost, whereas BBC and ITV manage to produce programs that suit their audience and the diversity of their audience at a money free fee. 


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Artist style and image

Kendrick Lamar is a hip hop song writer/rapper from California. He has active since 2003. He has stated that 2PacThe Notorious B.I.G.Jay-ZNas and Eminem are his top five favourite rappers. Tupac Shakur, arguably his biggest influence, has influenced not only his music, but his day-to-day lifestyle as well

Kendrick Lamar first gained attention in 2010 when he released the mix tape 'Overly Dedicated' before releasing his first independent album 'Section.80' which received a score of 80 out of 100 from Metacritic. His major debut studio album 'good kid, m.A.Ad city' was released october 2012 and received a high amount of attention, 'Swimming Pools' being one of his biggest hits.   

The song Bitch, don't kill my vibe that kendrick lamar released in 2012 received high amounts of media attention and received even more attention when highly rated producer Jay-Z released a feature on the track, this shows kendrick lamar is a highly recognized artist in the music industry. 

Kendricks fashions sense is quite basic in terms of he wears plain tops with jeans, however he does sometimes wear quite jazzy clothing, for example a leopard print shirt, in comparison to a basic grey tee.
By doing this he creates a unique yet subtle fashion image.  

6.Employment Laws