Thursday, 25 June 2015

final animation

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ideas mind map

analysis of movement

questionnaire feedback

1.) What do you think the message of our Animation is ? 
In my opinion i believe that the animation that you have created gives off the message that people  appreciate what  children in need do for the families and people who have been affected. 

2.) What do you think is the best bit of the Animation ? 
I personally think the best bit is when pudsey kicks the ball over the post for a conversion. it gives off a sense of success and achievement. 

3.) What would you improve if you could? 
The only thing i would improve if i could would be the length of the advert, i would love to learn more about this character and understand what she went through during her service within the Army. 

4.) Would you like to see this on TV. 
I would love to this this on TV, i believe that many people after seeing this advert will realise how important children in need is and what they do for those in need.

5.) What do you think the message of our Animation is ? 
I believe that the message from the Animation you have created is to show the viewers what children in need stand for and what they do to support those children who need help 

6.) What do you think is the best bit of the Animation ? 
I think the best part of the animation is the character competing in the race at the end of the video. The reason why i like this part so much is because it shows how Help for Heroes supported this person after being hospitalised to the point where they have regained full health and is competing within a race. It lets the viewers understand the amount of hard work and support that the charity go through for those in need. 

7.) What would you improve if you could? 
The only thing i would improve would be to show pudsey spending more time with the england rugby team. 

8.) Would you like to see this on TV. 
Yes, i think by having this shown on TV it will raise the awareness of children in need and help them gain the recognition that they deserve. 

consideration of camera

Within animations there can be a variety of different camera shot. Each shot will have different kind of movements within the animation. 

To shoot our animation we have placed the camera on a clamp and then positioned the camera over piece of paper where my animation will be taking place. We had to consider many different variables that may occur during the filming of our animation. 
We have decided to place the camera above the table surface by using a clamp, this has allowed us to place the drawn out animation underneath. having the clamp has allowed us to place our animation on a flat surface. this has helped us as now we don't have to stick the cut out onto a wall and have the risk of them falling off. With the animation being filmed on a flat surface there is a less risk of the cut outs to move drastically. 
As we have decided to place the camera above the worktop we now have to consider the different effect that the camera will do due to various different surroundings. 

As the camera is above the animation then the lighting in the room may cause the camera to cast a shadow onto the animation, we had to overcome this by changing the positioning of the camera so there was no shadow over the top. we had moved away from any windows and waited for it go to dark before filming, this reduced the risk of the lighting being changed throughout the filming process. 

Another issue that we would have to consider throughout the filming of our animation would be the solidarty of the stand and the camera that is placed in the stand. we had to make sure that the camera would stay in one place so there is no movement while filming. We had to firmly put in place the stand with various different weights to make sure it didn't move or even fall over. If we did this wrong then the camera could fall and brake and then also ruin our animation. 
The last thing we had to consider was how we was actually going to film the animation, we didn't want any shadows of the person filming, or even the whole animation moving when we change the scene. We have decided to place down masking tape so each time that we changed the scene we would know where to exactly place the piece of A4 paper. when filming we all moved clear out of the lighting and stepped to one side. the prevents lighting change and also other body parts being in the camera shot.

annotated screen grabs for animation

This is the first step of creating my animation. I have gathered all the pictures I have taken and then imported them all onto the editing software 'final cut'. I have put each photo in order to create my stop motion animation video. this will be shown when i hit play, however there is still a problem. The animation is shows each photo for a log period of time.   

My animation is slow due to each picture to be shown for a too long of a period. to make my animation flow better i had to change the duration of each clip. once i selected all the clips, i changed the duration to about one 8th of a second. this made my animation run a lot smoother and give it a good flow. 

Now that my animation run smoothly and looks like a video. I wanted to add different sounds effect to go with what is happening within the animation. i added various different sound effect such as footsteps, car skid, explosion, car door shutting. i have put these sound effect in to give a better understanding to the viewer on what is going on. 

I added various different sound effects but some had to overlap each other. Such as the park scene I have birds singing, footsteps and also a dog barking. I have added these three sounds effect in as I wanted to show and give a realistic sense to the location. 
I have put in many different sound effect to give the sense of what is happening and where it is happening. But I also want to give more emotion within the animation, so i have decided to add a sad moving music at the start to set the mood for the animation and then to finish it of throughout my last couple of scenes i wanted to give a better emotion, setting the mood That help for heroes does a good job.