Tuesday, 23 June 2015

documentary research

What are we filming? 
We are filming a documentary on body image and body building and how issues in the media, effect peoples views on their selves and how it mentally effect them. 

Why are we filming? 
We are filming to learn and understand, how people feel about the issues that the media raise and why people train, whether it be for society, a sport or they just enjoy training and looking good. 

Who are we filming? 
We have chosen to film more than one subject, this is because we can get a wider view on the topic, and also see why different individuals train. Our first person we decided to interview was Sahli, Sahli was a good person to interview because he is very self indluged and care what people think about him and his appearance, after the interview we leant that Sahli is a vain person. The second person we interviewed was Sahli's freind Alex, Alex was another good person to interview as he shed light on 2 different reasons for why he trained. Alex first started to train to improve his sporting ability in rugby, but after a horrible injury to his knee during a game he decide no longer to train to benefit his sporting attributes, he decided to train for the same reasons as Sahli. Our third and final interviewee was Olly, Olly trained for a completely different reason from the first tow subjects, his resin to train was because he wanted to make it in to the fitness industry. Olly stated that he first got in to the  
gym because he friends all went and then he fell in love with it and wanted to make it his career.


for our research we watched the documentary living large with jay cutler. this documentary is about a 4 time mr olympia competition winner and world famous bodybuilder. the documentary is in 4 stages. his business career, his bodybuilding career, his diet and nutrition plan and lastly his family life. after watching this documentary we decided to split our documentary into 4 different parts. these 4 parts were 4 different interviews followed by each individual training in-between these different sections. from watching this documentary we also decided that our documentary would be a combination of participatory and performative. 

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