Friday, 19 June 2015

news vs documentary

What do news reporters do?
They carry out in depth research, identify and develop news stories.
Edit copyies from other presenters or external news companies.
Look up and carry out interviews within the studio or on a location of report
provide briefing to crew and guests.
What personal & professional attributes do they need?
  • good communication skills
  • editorial knowledge
  • confident 
  • good interpersonal skills
  • understand issues within journalism
What does the presenters appearance communicate to the audience?  
A preasenter must always be preseantable on screen. they must wear suit/ office attire, be clean shaven with neat a neat hair style.
What kind of contributers would you expect to see on a news programme?
  • Experts
  • Witnesses
  • Members of the public
In a news program you have the main presenters/journalists who are normally a man and a woman, they will be sat at a desk where you can often see whats going on behind them in the research rooms like at BBC.

To be  a news reporter needs to be able to articulate themselves well in order for the information to be reported clearly. You often find that reporters are dressed smartly in suits as the presentation is key for their role as a news reporter.
Journalists have scripts to read from as they need to have the right information as the show is live so if information was to be reported in the wrong context the country could be confused on what is going on. When the news is on you will find that they often link to the field reports so if there was something major going on at Westminster you will have people reporting from there linking back to the studio at the end.

When talking about certain events in the news you will find that they will have images to relate to the situation, if it was something to do with the economy your most likely to have a picture with money (coins) and the title of the issue so that people quickly know what the next issue will be about.
At the bottom of the screen you will find that it will have a line where it states the time and the program that you are watching but it will also say if there are any breaking news issues that haven't been planned to happen throughout the program. When field reports are going on the name of the reporter will come up at the bottom of the screen and where they are reporting from.

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