Thursday, 25 June 2015

team meeting minutes

During this meeting we discussed a number of different topics that needed to be completed during the following weeks ahead. Between us we divided the work into 3 different sections. 

Harry : Filming, editing and creating the animation. 

Olly : Story Ideas and planning. 

harry and olly : Sounds effects and lighting. 

Once we sorted out what everyone was doing, we started to work on making the animation relate to our charity children in need. We originally was going to use lego to create our animation but we then soon realised that we needed to take a more "serious" approach to the animation, so we all came up with the idea to use paper cut out animation. Baring this in mind we had to make sure we made the animation clear to understand what the charity does and what they stand for, we discussed a number of different ideas which all seemed good at the time but we soon finally settled down with one strong idea which we believe represents children in need in the best way possible. 

After deciding on our idea, we then had our own jobs to do (as listed above). Each of our jobs were vital in the process of creating this animation as they all rely on each other in order to create a successful animation. This meeting lasted roughly 10-15 minutes. 

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