Friday, 27 September 2013

4.Purpose and design of idents


Screen Tempo: The screen tempo is how fast things are happening in the ident for example, the BBC one ident of hippos swimming in a circle is quite slow and relaxed whereas at the E4 idents are much faster and fun.

Space and Time: The Simpsons ident for example is 39 seconds long which in ident terms is quite long and is broadcasted before the Simpsons show starts. Idents are usually broadcasted in the spaces between two programs.

Information and entertainment: information, does the ident give any information about the channel, what is the channel about, who stars in it etc. And entertainment, simply does the ident entertain you, does it make you want to watch the program.

Interaction with Viewers: does the ident appeal to its target audience. is the ident appropriate to its target audience e.g. for children, is it animated, does it have lots of colors and is music appropriate and fun.

Density of information: means how much information about the upcoming program is portrayed by the ident. wether its by dialogue, images or music. for example, the BBC ident of people playing football represents that sport will be the next program being shown.

Branding: what things about the ident make it stand out and make it recognizable to its target audience. wether this be the color scheme, the music or the logo of the channel. For example, E4 have a purple color scheme and their own unique, recognizable logo.

Packaging and repackaging: Is very important for the channel as it keeps the channel up to date, modern and therefore keeps the channels target audience interested. Itv for example updated the style and color of their logo to make it stand out more.


Segmentation Within Scheduling: Idents, in a way are mini commercials. Segmentation Within Scheduling is when the idents are broadcasted. The idents are broadcasted in the gaps between two programs. So when one program ends, the ident starts just before the next program starts. Channels do this to break up the programs.

Marketing: Is how the ident represents the channel. They do this by showing off their logo, color schemes and anything else the channel has that represents them. For example E4 has a purple color scheme and a unique recognizable logo that people immediately associate with E4.

Identity: How do you know the channel, based on their marketing and branding. For example is their logo, color scheme and the channels they show recognizable and associated with the channel. For example E4 are recognizable due to their unique purple color scheme, their logo and the mainly comical shows they broadcast.

Scheduling: Is the timing of the shows and when the idents fit into this. For example, when one program ends, an ident will come up just before a new program starts. The idents cant be too long so they run over into the next program.

6. Ident analysis research proposal

An ident is basically a mini commercial explaining what the channel is about. Its purpose is to give a brief understanding to the viewer of what shows the channel broadcast. they are designed to be fun and comical but to still portray a message. This BBC 3 ident is of these 'blobs' talking about their lives and what they want to do. This ident is animated which makes it fun. The blobs themselves are orange which makes them stand out on the grey background. The music in this ident is german polka. This music is up-beat and bouncy which makes it fun. The target audience for this ident is young people due to the animation and the comedy of the ident. This ident was made using Computer generated imagery.

This E4 ident is of a variety of random animated things. The color scheme is mainly purple which represents E4 itself. The music in this ident is a simple repetitive tune however there are a lot of different sound effects throughout the video like lasers, ducks and robots. There isn't a set target audience for this ident it is more for any E4 viewers. This indent is made using both real life footage and CGI, this fits in the with channels corporate imagery and identity; and therefore makes it more appealing and fun for the viewers. 

  This channel 4 ident is of Homer Simpson trying to retrieve his beer from a telephone wire.
The ident is animated to match the programme and has Homer talking to himself. The target audience for this ident is prodomently young people but it would apeal to any simpsons fan due to its comical nature of Homer getting electrocuted. Due to the Simpsons being a popular show this will appeal more to the viewers of channel 4. This ident is made using entirely CGI; this makes the colour scheme of this ident very colourful and fun.