Wednesday, 24 June 2015

props/ mise en scene


squat rack- we needed a squat rack firstly to perform some exercises but secondly the squat rack was where our interviews took place. the reason we chose the squat rack to be the main focus of our documentary besides the interviewees were that the squat rack is a key and influential part of a gymnasium. when an individual thinks about a gym, the squat rack automatically comes into mind.

Barbell, dumbells and weights- we needed these pieces of equipment to perform the different exercise within our documentary. but secondly the weights were in the shot at all times. the reason for this is because the weights are what the gym is all about. people use the weights to change their bodies. also when an individual thinks about a gym, weights like barbells and dumbbells automatically comes into mind.

Camera and tripod - obviously we needed a camera to film our documentary and we needed a tripod for our camera to stand on to make the shots more stable and therefore look more professional.

apple mac- we used the apple mac computer for a number of reasons. firstly to get an idea of what documentary we wanted to film and secondly post production we used the apple mac to put all of our filmed footage into final cut so that we could then edit the footage to make the documentary look better.

Lifting belts, straps and wraps. we used this gym equipment because like the weights and squat rack when an individual thinks about the gym they automatically come into mind.

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