Wednesday, 24 June 2015

interview pitch feedback evaluation

  • Explained the idea of our documentary well and everyone understood the point in why we chose this idea. 
  • A good list of potential interviewees and even better list of the potential interviewees cut down to most likely. 
  • The idea of 4 different bodybuilders with different personalities and physiques is a good idea as it shows a variety of people in a gym and if they all get on or not. 
  • We showed we could get this done easily as we have easy access to equipment and other things we need as we are filming in the gym 


  • The name of the documentary, body style and image doesn't roll of the tongue with ease We could have found a better name that flows off the tongue more easily. 
  • we had more footage of each individual to show off their physique more.
  • the amount of screen time each interviewee received could have been more so that the audience had more time to get to know the character. 

After receiving the feedback from our interview pitch we decided that as a whole our pitch and therefore our documentary was a success. however, to make our interview section of our documentary even better we decided that as a whole the length the interviews should have been longer. this meant adding more questions, rather thn having 5 questions we should have asked 10. 

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