Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Artist style and image

Kendrick Lamar is a hip hop song writer/rapper from California. He has active since 2003. He has stated that 2PacThe Notorious B.I.G.Jay-ZNas and Eminem are his top five favourite rappers. Tupac Shakur, arguably his biggest influence, has influenced not only his music, but his day-to-day lifestyle as well

Kendrick Lamar first gained attention in 2010 when he released the mix tape 'Overly Dedicated' before releasing his first independent album 'Section.80' which received a score of 80 out of 100 from Metacritic. His major debut studio album 'good kid, m.A.Ad city' was released october 2012 and received a high amount of attention, 'Swimming Pools' being one of his biggest hits.   

The song Bitch, don't kill my vibe that kendrick lamar released in 2012 received high amounts of media attention and received even more attention when highly rated producer Jay-Z released a feature on the track, this shows kendrick lamar is a highly recognized artist in the music industry. 

Kendricks fashions sense is quite basic in terms of he wears plain tops with jeans, however he does sometimes wear quite jazzy clothing, for example a leopard print shirt, in comparison to a basic grey tee.
By doing this he creates a unique yet subtle fashion image.  

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