Friday, 14 February 2014

music video styles

Animation: is the movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames. cartoons is one example of animation. The music video 'Do ya thing' by Gorillaz uses animation throughout their video.

Interpretive music videos are where the lyrics for the song tells you exactly what is going on in the music video, For example the Lonely Island I'm on a boat . this video is all about them being 'On a Boat' and the whole lyrics describe whatis going on in each shot of the video.

A narrative in a music video is where the video has a storyline and has a story behind it, for my example I'm using love the way you lie by Eminem and Rihanna . in this music video it shows the breakdown of a relationship and also shows some aspects of domestic violence throughout.

A impressionist is where they take inspiration from lots of different sources in the media, or just an idea that they have on something. For example in the music video by The beastie boys- Sabotage they use the inspiration of 70's style cops 

A pastiche is where the music video is dependant on a different media product. They create a parody of the media product and without the offical media product then the music video would have nothing to compare to. For example in the music video walk by the foo fighters, this music video is where they depend entially on the film Falling down.

The video midnight beast- tik tok is a parody becuase it takes an orginal song and then changes the lyrics to make them funnier and also changes the video to make it funnier to the audience. 

Homage is Acknowledgement from something from the past. An example for this is Daft punk- digital love This is a homage for japanses anime, it uses the inspiration from japanese anime and makes it their own. 

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