Thursday, 13 February 2014

8.slum dog millionaire

1. Explain where the storyline for the film came from. Give examples. 
The story begins with Vikram Swarup, an Indian diplomat in London and author of source novel, Q & A. He appears to have a drawn on two specific news stories- one in the UK and one in India. A retired army officer in the Uk was convicted of fraud after cheating on the quiz show who wants to be a millionaire

2. List the ways in which Simon Beaufoy changed the story. Explain why this was done. 

Simon Beaufoy decided to travel to India in an attempt to retain the Indianness of the novel, but as an experienced screenwriter with a major worldwide hit to his credit he knew that the story line would have to be modified considerably to sell to mainstream audiences in the UK.  

3. How did Tessa Ross and Christian Colson arrange funding? Why is this significant?
They were associated with Celador Films. This is significant because Celador owned the rights to who wants to be a millionaire. Celador also said that this is significant because Britain needs these break out films to show the international film industry that there is a huge appetite and audience for independent British film.

4. Explain the term Bollywood.  

Bollywood is a relatively recent term. It refers to certain forms of popular cinema made in Hindi. The capital of Bollywood is mumbai where around 200 films with big budgets are made each year. 

5. What was the impact of Warner Bros. closing it’s ‘specialist’ film labels on the distribution of Slum dog Millionaire? How was this resolved?

It was a big impact because that meant that Warner Brothers couldn't put it into its own cinemas, therefore the film would have to be released on to DVDs. This was resolved by Danny Boyle and Colson rushing to Hollywood and persuading Warner Brothers to sell the rights to another specialist division 

6. Slum dog Millionaire is not a Hollywood film. Explain how it has been caught between Hollywood and Bollywood.

It has been caught between Hollywood and Bollywood due to the film being filmed and set in India, telling a story of a boy from the slums who goes on the Indian version of who wants to be a millionaire and wins. 

7. In your opinion, what made Slum dog Millionaire a successful film? Discuss pre-production, production, distribution and exhibition.
In my opinion, I believe that the production of this film was very successful because it was filmed in the slums in India. Therefore, you get a real sense of culture and what its like living in the slums. The film shows the slums as being a happy place, Danny Boyle said "the slums are as safe as walking the streets of london". I also believe that because it was filmed in India and through Bollywood, when the film went into cinemas, more people went to see the film because there are more people living in India. 


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