Thursday, 27 November 2014

proposal for animation

An Animated Advert

PB&J Animations
Prepared by
Harry Holland & Oliver friend

PB&J Animations

Children in Need

Idea/ Purpose 

Our advert idea is to have Pudsey training with the England rugby team. During Pudsey’s training he takes part in; passing, tackling and kicking. To end the advert, Pudsey kicks a conversion and the ball hits the screen and cracks it, this is where the Children in Need logo will appear.The purpose of our advert is to promote our charity

Key Content

My advert will be 1:30 min – 2:00
My ad will include: Pudsey and the England rugby team
Location: Twickenham rugby stadium
Sounds: Music

Target Audience

Our target audience is everyone, but mainly children from the age of 5 upward and their parents, this is because the parent will be ones donating, but their children will be the ones to ask them to donate if they like the advert  

I aim to spend maximum 3 weeks in order to find and get in contact with participants whom are willing to help me with this project. Once i have put together a strong reliable team, we shall start making the ident which i hope will take no longer than 2/3 months. There will need to be funding in order for the ident to be successful, therefore i will show my ident to a number of venture capitalists whom may be interested in investing in the idea, once i have the funding i will show my idea to a number of people whom i will interview and then narrow down to 5 people whom i hope will help me make my ident idea come to life. 

Prepare proposal by: 26/6/2014     
Complete literature review: 20/6/2014 
Complete fieldwork by: 24/6/2014   
Complete analysis by: 27/6/2014 
Give presentation on: 29/6/2014 
Complete final report by: 2/7/2014    

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