Wednesday, 29 April 2015

BBC interview research

What is your favourite interview and why? 
My favourite interview is the frost interview with Mohammed Ali. This is because Mohammed Ali adds a sense of humour to the interview and the way he talks about his life and boxing career is very interesting. 

What is your least favourite interview and why?
My least favourite interview is the interview with Tony Blair, the reason for this is because  i found it very boring and i wasn't interested in the subject at hand. As well as this, I find Tony blair a boring individual. 

What is the best question out of all the interviews you watched and why?

The best question the interviewer asked Mohammed Ali was whats the difference between Allah and the God i believe in? This is not because I am a religious person, it is because Mohammed Ali went in to great detail when answering this question and it shows his passion and love for his religion. 

And the worst?

I didn't think that there were any bad questions, mainly because of the way Mohammed Ali answers the questions. he goes into a lot of detail in every answer making it funny and amusing. 

What is the funniest response? What question prompted it?

The funniest response is when Mohammed Ali repeats his famous speech about how great he is, when he says "I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalised a brick I'm so mean i make medicine sick". I found this funny because there was no need for such a lengthy answer yet he still said it. 

What is the most emotional response? What question prompted it?
The most emotional response to a question is when Ali gets asked The difference between Allah and christian God. This is because he goes into a lot of detail explaining about Allah. This shows how passionate he is about his religion.

Who is your favourite interviewer? Why?

My favourite interviewer is the frost interviews, this is because he asks the best questions and these questions then lead on to detailed answers from the interviewees. 

Other interesting things you have found.
I found that even though the interview questions are roughly the same, the way in which the interviewees answer them is very different. this shows the difference in personality from Mohammed Ali to Tony Blair. 

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