Tuesday, 10 June 2014

1. animation timeline

1945- Harry Smith produced animation by drawing directly onto film.

1957- John Whitney used 17 Bodine motors, 8 Selsyns, 9 different gear units and 5 ball integrators to create analog computer graphics.

1964- Ken Knowlton, working at Bell Laboratories, started developing computer techniques for producing animated movies.

1972-University of Utah, Fred Parke creates first computer generated facial animation. F. Parke. 

1982- Tron was released. 

1983- Bill Reeves at Lucas film publishes techniques for modeling particle systems. Demo is Star Trek 2 

1984- Girard and Maciejewski at OSU publish a paper describing the use of inverse kinematics and dynamics for animation.

1988- Willow uses morphing in live action film

1993- Jurassic Park use of CG for realistic living creatures

1995- Toy Story first full-length 3D CG feature film   

2005 Wallis and Gromit created by Aardman animations.  The characters were brought alive by Nick Park using modeling clay and wire for the characters and then animated using stop motion animation.

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