Friday, 18 October 2013

emotional response

In the video paradise by Coldplay released on the 12th september 2011, the lyrics they use represent 'the elephant' escaping from the zoo to go to 'paradise'. The video its self shows the elephant on his journey. There isn't much editing in this video apart from the band performing on stage. There are two types of performance in this music video, there is the performance of the 'elephants' and then the band actually performing on stage. There is only one camera used in this video apart from the band performing on stage, then more than one camera is used. The elephant costumes are very promotional to the music videos because they give the video character and a sense of fun.

In the video jar of hearts by Christina Perri released on the 27th of July 2010, the lyrics cold as ice represent the cold dark theme of the video. The editing of the video switches between a dark grey background and a brighter white background representing her emotions of being happy and sad. Her performance tells a story of her being sad to throughout the video her getting more increasingly happy. The camera use in this shows a number of differnt shots, for example it shows close ups of her singing and shots of her dancing. The video tells a story of her being heart broken. At the end of the video, she gets her 'jar of hearts' back which shows she is happy again and no longer heart broken.

In the video thriller released on the 2nd of december 1983 which is 13 minutes long by Michael Jackson The lyrics represent a story. And the lyrics link into the video and the performance by saying 'its close to midnight', the were wolf comes out at midnight and the whole video is based at midnight. The dancing in the video represents 'monsters ' the zombie dancing. The editing in the movie is a lot different to the other two videos, Michael Jackson turns into a werewolf and the zombies come out of the floor. This gives a horror effect to the video. The make up and monsters are very promotional to the video becuase they make the video more believable and scary.
Michael jackson was the first person to create the idea of a short film- a music video with a beginning, middle and end.

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