Wednesday, 16 October 2013

3.Style guide

When ever possible the logo must always appear in the colour scheme purple and white. However there may be some situations where the colour can not show there for mono black can be used. The white circle (representing the eye) but always stay white and never be transparent. The purple paint splatter behind the main image of the logo must always stay a darker shade purple compared to the main image, it also must never be transparent. 

Logo Position: 
This E4 logo must always appear on the bottom right hand corner of the page, it should always be placed no closer than 10mm from the edge of the page. However if needed it can be placed on the top left hand corner of the page again placed no closer than 10mm away from the corners of the page. 

Logo isolation area: 
This E4 logo should always be surrounded by a minimum of 10mm of space. This measurement of space is a minimum, therefore meaning that it should be increased whenever needed. The area of isolation ensures that any text or other visual elements do not interfere with the logo. 

My E4 logo used purple as it's core colour and black in corporate within the logo. The only other variant of purple that is used within the logo is on the paint splatter effect shown behind the logo, which is a darker shade of purple compared to the purple used to create the main image of the logo. 

The number four in the logo must always be presented in a numeral way (4) and must sit along side to the right hand side of the letter 'E'. As you can see in the image above, it shows the correct way to present the 'E4' within the logo. An example of an incorrect logo is 'EFour'. 

The E4 logo that i created uses custom font called "Graffiti", this is used for all brand identity. There is not a maximum limit to the font size, as long as it accommodates to size of the logo. The type must never be shown bellow 5pt. 

Type Colour: 
All font types should appear purple or white depending on the background it is shown on. For example if the type is shown on a purple background, it must appear white in order for the viewer to see the text. 

Logo Position and Size: 
When the logo is shown by itself, it should retain the lower left position in any air advertising format. 

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