Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Advertising in music videos

Advertising in music videos is becoming more and more popular as artists are including products in to their music videos that will help different companys with advertisement. advertising in music videos ranges from major advertisement to minor advertisement. An example of major advertisement used in a music video would be from Pharrell 'Happy'. in this video it shows a minion from despicable me dancing and it also shows Pharrell wearing different clothing brands such as Ralph Lauren.


In 50 cents song window shopper, He is seen driving a Maseratti. This advertises the car for Maseratti because it shows an iconic figure in the music industry driving the Maseratti. 50 cent will get paid by Maseratti to drive the car in his video because Maseratti know the video will be seen by a lot of people. 

In lady Gaga's music video The edge of glory, she is seen wearing a lot of jewellery. This is advertising for the jewellery company as people will want to wear the same jewellery as their idol. This results in a higher income for the jewellery company. 

another example is 'Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - Telephone'. In this video, there are many different branding companies which are advertised in the music video. 

In the picture I have chosen from the video is Lady Gaga holding an LG phone which is associated with Virgin. The music producer would have probably asked LG and virgin for permission to show their logos in the video and most likely had to pay the companies to show their logo in the video. 

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