Friday, 16 January 2015

final logo

This is my final logo I designed for E4. I chose this logo out of all my designs because i think it suits the E4 ethos and conventions really well. E4 has quite a niche audience so they need to appeal to their target audience with the use of entertainment and attraction. I had to make me logo appeal to the E4 target audience (Aged 16-34) so i made the logo look fun and exciting so it would appeal to the young audience of E4. I used purple as the main colour in this logo so it matches E4's colour scheme as they are recognised by many people with the use of the colour purple. I tried to make the logo as eye catching and attractive as possible so it is memorable to the public so they will always think of E4 when they see either the logo or the colour purple. I placed a "paint splatter" effect behind the main part of the logo to give it a sense of depth and to also make the logo look more interesting to look at.

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