Friday, 16 January 2015

annotated screen grabs

This first screen grab shows the first part of the ident where the E4 character is walking across the grass. While this is happening there are sound effects of footsteps on grass which helps it bring more of an atmosphere to the ident. This screen grab shows the first sign of interaction our E4 character has with the audience at home watching. The character waves at the camera along with sound effects in the background of birds singing. This again helps build a very strong and realistic atmosphere with the viewers at home and the ident its self 

This screen grab shows the volcano in the background erupting and shooting out a huge black boulder. This scene is also accompanied by volcano sound effects which again helps add to the atmosphere of the overall ident and the situation which is happening. 

This screen grab shows the boulder falling onto the E4 character and squashing him. This adds an entertaining and humorous side to the ident which fits E4's target audience very well and they aim to be entertained. 

This screen grab shows the E4 character all squashed and almost melting into the ground, this keeps the viewers interested and wanting to know what happens next. 

This screen grab shows the E4 "Monster" appearing out of the volcano. This part is met with a growling monster sound effect which gives the scene tension and atmosphere as it come out from the volcano. 

Finally this screen grab shows the E4 monster coming up to its "Prey" (the E4 character) and about to devour him. This is still shown with the growling monster sound effect in the background.

This screen grab shows how we added music and sounds into our ident.

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