Friday, 16 January 2015

focus groups

The focus group gave feed back on my final logo on what went well, which was the following: 
Final logo developed well. 
Unique logo 
Images appeal to target audience.(Used colour purple well) 

The focus group then finally gave me feedback on how i could improve my final logo which was as followed—: 
The character is more prominent than the name of the channel. 
Used a custom font not images. 

I took all this information from the focus group and added improvements to my final logo. The main chance that we made to our logo was to make the actual channel's name appear more prominent compared to the character we made for our logo. This allows people to see the logo and easily recognise what channel the logo is representing, but at the same time shows of the character that also makes the logo more interesting and entertaining to look at. I also tried to make the font i chose look very unique and tried to make it fit the target audience of the channel. As i made my logo for "E4" I had to make sure that the logo was interesting and unique to look at so it could fit E4's niche target audience. 

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