Wednesday, 27 November 2013

5. annotated research

Corporate identity research:
corporate identity theory is the overall image of a corporation or firm or business in the minds of diverse publics, such as customers and investors and employees.
within corporate identity, there are underlying categories. design, which represents the logo, colours of the logo and the font in which the logo is written in.communication, public relations e.g. E4 estings and programming. And finally, behavior, internal values/norms (what the company wants to acheieve) e.g. shows that appeal to their target audience.


My surveys represent all the different information you would need when designing an ident. They give detailed information such as wether or not people prefer animated or real life idents.


The questions in my interview directly relate to what you would want to know when designing an ident. From what the viewers would expect to see in the ident, to wether or not they prefer real life or animated idents.

Design and purpose research: 
we asked our target audience questions such as what would you expect to see in an ident? And do you prefer animated or real life idents? And from the results, we got a good idea of what to include in our ident. For example, we have incorporated the E4 logo and color scheme, our ident is animated because the majority of our target audience said that they preferred animated idents.

Broadcasters audience research board is the organization that measures television ratings in the Uk. Participating viewers have a box on top of their TVs which track the shows they watch. Barb was created in 1977 to replace a previous system whereby ITV ratings were compiled by JICTAR whilst the BBC did their own research. Currently, BARB have approximately 5,100 homes- equating to approximately 11,500 individuals participating in the panel.

Channel  research: 

E4s website is laid out in a very simple yet effective way, At the top of the home page they have their logo, and everywhere else as a background they have their purple color scheme. The main feature of their websites home page is the programs they broadcast. They also have links to other pages of their websites such as the E4 shows and their new page Eefer.

E4s style guide has a number of different sections, each representing the different parts of their logo. From the logo's position to the font they use in their logo. Each section plays a crucial role in the design an manufacturing of the logo.

E4's style guide not only has sections on the logo, it also has sections for the channels they broadcast. For example, they have a list for their typography which they can then use to make titles for their new up coming shows.

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