Monday, 18 November 2013


Bench - In the majority of the shots, a bench is used to sit on and dance on. We therefor need a bench to recreate the scene as it is, although the bench we have does not have a table, we can improvise.
Food - The 'Pink Ladies' when sitting on the bench have food, the food we have does not matter, preferably something that is easy to handle.
Trays - Tray to dance with and place food on them, preferably red ones. 
Bin - 'Sandy' gets pushed into the bin in one of the shots, also needs to have some rubbish in it to spill out on the floor.


Camera- we will use one camera throughout our entire video.
Tripod- we will use a tripod to put our camera on so that the camera is stable and our shots are  still. 

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