Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Crew roles

summer nights

Director: Harry Holland
Definition: he/she is the organizer and developer of the film tat they are trying to produce: I would organize and arrange the scenes and how I would like them to go
Producer: Lauren Mizzi
Definition: The Producer is frequently the first person to become involved in a project; they participate directly in all the main producing. Also they make the budget. :I Booked the cameras and organized the budget and also I made the changes that needed to be improved
Director of Photography (D.P.): Mason Haliday
Definition: they are the heads of department on filming productions and have a leading role of approving thing: he is in charge of the filming and positing of the camera and redoing the scenes if needed
Editor: Mason Halliday
Definition: an Editor is someone who work’s closely with the Director, after the filming is completed, his is to assemble sots to piece together to make the final film. : I am in charge of the editing and making the advert all on final cut.
Camera Operator:Mason Halliday 
Definition: The Camera Operator sets-up positions and operates the camera. The right angels the film the right shots for the scenes. :  He is in change of the cameras positions and also is in charge of the angles.
Minor Roles
Assistant Camera (A.C.): Harry Holland
Definition: assist the camera mad holding him when walking back so he doesn’t trip up and also helps him set up. : He is inchage of helping the camera man and helping him but giving advice.
Assistant Director (A.D.): Mason Halliday
Definition: he is his help man taking responsibility for number of important jobs due to the camera. He also needs to take care of the camera man when using the camera.
Art Director: Lauren Mizzi
Definition: create all the set art work and makes the shots and sets look as good as they should do. : he is in charge of making the shot look good and making the space around the shot even
Casting Director: Oliver friend
Definition: organizes the cast to produce them to be organizes and be ready for them to film the next shot. I am in charge on telling then what is going to happen next and were they should be.
Location Scout: Sir
Definition: you travel around the world to find all types or locations for your film to be filmed at: sir is inchagre on were we go and how to get there but he takes ideas form us on were to go.
Production Manager (P.M.): Lauren Mizzi
Definition: they produce all of the mangers television like. Light children’s programs and is responsible for all the organizational aspects of production including a budget: I am charge on what’s happening and also the budget
Screenwriter: Lauren Mizzi
Definition: screenwriter are responsible fro reaching certain ideas for the story. Writhing screenplays and delivering the. : I take the responsibilities on the ideas and creativity for the adverts.

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