Thursday, 21 November 2013

shot list

Location: Stairs shot 1- T-birds are asking Danny what he done over the summer at the beach, they are sitting down on the stairs whilst talking.

Location: stairs shot 2- Danny says to the T-birds "you don't wanna' hear all the corny details".

Location: stairs shot 3- Danny stands up and starts to sing," I met a girl, crazy for me".

Location: stairs shot 4- the boys begin to dance.

Location: Benches shot 1- Pink ladies ask Sandy what she done over the summer.

Location: benches shot 2- Sandy replies and states she met a boy.

location: benches shot 3- One of the girls reply and says that its stupid going all the way to beach for some boy. To which sandy replies he is special, it was romantic.

Location: benches shot 4- Sandy then starts to sing.

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