Friday, 15 November 2013

music video recipe

Music Videos:

The 1970s music videos are mainly of the band members/ singers performing on stage to a live crowd. The main genre of music in the 70s was disco music, which became one of the biggest genres of the decade. Other genres such as reggae and hip hop emerged in this decade.

The 1980s music is also videos of the bands performing but not necessarily of the band/ singers on stage. it is similar to the music of the 70s. this music video is primarily concentrated on the band and their singing. there is only one camera angle and no editing.

The 90s music is also similar to the music of the 70s and 80s however, there is more dancing involved, there are more cameras used and more camera angles. the music itself is faster. In the 90s hip hop grew and continued to be highly successful.

The 2000s music videos have a lot more cameras involved, more complex editing, more dancers and extras involved. The 2000s saw the creation of a few Indie- related genres such as emo and electronic genres such as liquid funk. The 2000s music videos started to use pitch correction and auto-tune.

The 2010s music videos have even more cameras used, even more complex editing. more props and extras are used and more money is spent on the videos. A lot of the videos take place abroad on beaches for example and show off a sex appeal rather than the talent of the artist.

To make a good music video you will need parts and influences from all these time periods, for example for me to make a good music video I would film the band/artist performing live as done in the 70's to the 90's, the music video would also have a story lines so that its not a pointless video. I will also include close ups of the artists as that seems to a main feature in all music videos throughout the years. In my opinion the video need to tie in with the song and make sense, so that the viewers can relate and get a better understanding of the song and the lyrics. 


Close up of the artist/ act 
Shots of the brand/ artist preforming live 
Needs to have a story line 
Needs to make sense 
Different camera angles and shots 

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