Friday, 22 November 2013

NME music videos

My Top Music Videos:

In the video Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, the single camera technique is used to show michael jackson singing and walking. there is simple editing used on this video. I enjoyed this video because it shows the talent of michael jackson. It was written and composed by Jackson and produced by him and Quincy Jones. There are contradictory claims to what the song's lyrics refer to. One suggests that they are derived from a real-life experience, in which a female fan claimed that Jackson had fathered one of her twins.

In the video paradise by coldplay, the single camera technique is used the show the elephant going on his journey. there is simple editing used on this video. i enjoyed this video because despite the fact its quite funny, there is an under lying message. he song was released on 12 September 2011 as the second single from their fifth studio album, Mylo XylotoAccording to Coldplay's official website, the single was not initially chart eligible in the United Kingdom, because it was available on iTunes as an instant grat when pre-ordering the album.

In the video one love by Bob Marley, the single camera technique is used to show people dancing and singing. The genre of this music video is reggae. It was first recorded in a ska style by Marley's original group.t was rerecorded as part of the 1970 medley All In One, which contained reggae reworking of their early ska songs.

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