Friday, 15 November 2013


This font is called called HFF kids stuff. i chose this font because kids can relate to it because there are pictures of kids having fun climbing on the letters.

This font is called Initials with curls. i chose this font because i believe it represents the way people would have written letters to each other.

This font is called Batman Forever, i chose this font because it has sharp edges and angles and is easy to read. therefore it makes it modern.

This font is called Billion stars. i chose this font because it is serif and looks like some one from high class has written it.

This font is called Art Brewery. I chose this font because it looks like its been written by a paint brush, at the bottom of a painting when the painter signs their work.

This font is called bonzai. i feel that this font represents the word fashion well because it is unique and stylish.

this font is called versity_regualar. i chose this font for sport because it represents an american college football team.

This font is called cactus sandwich. I believe that this represents the word comedy well because the font its self is funny.

This font is called CFanarchy_regular. I chose this font to represent the word drama because i feel it would be an appropriate font for a title of a TV show.

This font is called Always Forever. I chose this font because i think it represents the way teenagers would write in school or their diary.

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