Friday, 15 November 2013

21. research proposal

The idea behind our ident is to use stop motion animation to film our ident. We will use purple clay, which matches the E4 color scheme, to make a purple monster. Firstly, The purple monster will be erect and moving around. Then, the monster will melt into a flat piece of clay. After this, the monster will then grow into the E4 logo. There will be no narration or dialogue throughout our ident. The only noise throughout our ident will be music which will be played over the footage. The only character in our ident will be the purple monster. The stop motion footage will be filmed on an empty table.

E4 have a reasonably young target audience ( aged 16-34). My ident is aimed to entertain the target audience seeing as E4s ethos is to entertain their viewers. I will achieve this by making my ident fun, interesting and amusing to watch. I will use bright colored clay and unusual things will be happening in the ident. The meaning of the ident is to be fun and entertaining. This shows the viewers that E4 can  entertain them in a way they want to be entertained.

Key content:
Length: approximately 10 seconds
Narrative: The ident will start with a purple monster walking around, the monster will then melt down and then grow again to make the E4 logo. The ident will be made using stop motion animation.
Location: Table/ Desk
Characters: purple clay monster
Camera:Same shot and angle throughout the ident
Sound: The only sound throughout the video will be music

Target Audience: 
Appeal: Because my ident is for E4, they have a target audience of 16-34 year olds, so my ident will have to appeal to them.
Genre: My ident has a unique genre in the sense that it matches the idents of E4 in the way that it is both real life and animated, it is completely random and it is unusual.
Age: My ident is for people of the ages 16-34.
Gender: My ident is for both male and female viewers.

I believe that my idea will be successful because it appeals to my target audience due to the genre. It is short yet interesting and will get the viewers attention. And finally, the ident is funny and amusing which is what the viewers want to see.
Audience appeal: I feel that my ident will appeal to my target audience of 16-34 due to its unusual genre and the fact that my ident is amusing which is what my target audience wants to see.

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